Natural Dogfood

Those looking for natural dog food are in the right place at Petsubscription. With us, you will find natural dog food in all shapes and flavours to give your four-legged friend all the nutrients and vitamins he or she needs on a daily basis. Caring for your dog is not always easy, but you can count on us in your search for the best natural dog food tailored to your faithful friend.

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Natural Dogfood in the shape of steamed food

With us you will find natural dog food in the form of steamed meals. These are available in a Multi Mix package and different types of flavours. For example, you can choose:

    Lamb   Chicken  RabbitGoose ​​Venison 


Multi Mix 9 flavours ​ Multi Mix 10 flavours

All these flavours of natural dog food are also available separately or you can create your own package with your four-legged friend's favourite flavours. Moreover, you can choose the quantity yourself. You will also find hypoallergenic dogfood for quadrupeds with food allergies or intolerances, or food tailored to your overweight dog.

Free delivery from €35,00 on the entire assortment

Cold Pressed Food

Our cold pressed food also counts as a healthy and natural dog food. This natural dog food is a massive chunk with high nutritional value. A unique alternative to dry dog food and very suitable for large; small and young or older dogs. Moreover, the kibble disintegrates from the inside out, allowing the maximum amount of nutrients to be extracted from the kibble in the stomach and intestines. This natural dog food is available in lamb, duck, chicken and salmon flavours. The cold pressed food is baked at 80°C instead of 100°C, allowing for better absorption of essential substances

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Petsubscription subscription


We offer vers hondenvoer to this range includes steamed meals, cold pressed kibbles and pellets. Nothing is easier than the favourite gezonde hondenvoeding of your four-legged friend to be delivered to your home free of charge every month. We therefore offer the option of subscribing to our natural dog food so that you receive it automatically every month. Compose the subscription completely yourself according to the wishes of you and your four-legged friend. Still have questions? Then you can always contact us. You can easily order our natural dog food bestellen via onze webshop.


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