Steamed meals for dogs

Available in a Multi Mix packet (Lamb, Venison, Duck, Beef, Chicken, Rabbit, Turkey, Salmon and with or without Veggie).

Also each available separately. (1 box contains 10 pieces)

Or put together your own package with your favorite flavors (quantity of your choice)

Multi Mix package

Order by flavour

Compose your own package

Free delivery from €35,00 on the entire assortment

Cold Pressed Food

Available in Chicken, Salmon, Duck, Lamb

Baked at 80°C instead of 100°C, which ensures a better absorption of essential substances.

Replace your old chunk with a cold-pressed chunk, perfect to combine with a steamed meal






 100% natural


Occupational Therapy, Reward and Chewing Fun

Petsubscription subscription


Nothing is easier than your favourites products delivered for free automatically every month!

That is why we offer the possibility to take a subscription on your favourite products.

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Special steamed meals

Is it not always easy to find the right food for your dog?

Then we come to your aid!

A steamed meal for dogs with:

food allergies and atopic skin, overweight or obese dogs, dogs with kidney failure/problems and dogs with liver failure/problems.

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